Machine Learning News & Topics for Quantitative Trading and Algorithmic Development

Machine Learning (ML) is the evolution of artificial intelligence where the computer (program) works with data to discover patterns (also called features) that can be used later to evaluate other data.  ML is typically broken down into three categories: supervised ML, unsupervised ML, and reinforcement learning.

CloudQuant does enable Machine Learning. To learn more check out “An Intro to Machine Learning with CloudQuant and Jupyter Notebooks” by Trevor Trinkino. This post and video cover one quantitative trader’s approach to supervised ML.



AI & Machine Learning News. 08, July 2019

ML/AI News covering Apple's Attention Correction, eye contact with the kids at last! AI Jobs Update. A Data Science Toolkit featuring products we use heavily and heartily recommend here at CloudQuant.

AI & Machine Learning News. 01, July 2019

AI & ML News: Update to National Artificial Intelligence R&D Strategic Plan; Global AI in Financial Asset Management Market is Expected to Witness a CAGR of 33.84% to Reach Revenue of $11.39 Billion by 2025; Quantamental Investing; and more...

AI & Machine Learning News. 24, June 2019

A wonderful overview of different unsupervised learning techniques ◊ Women taking the lead at the AI Conference ◊ How (And Why) Hedge Funds Are Using Web Scraping ◊ DataRobot Acquires ParallelM ◊ and more.

AI & Machine Learning News. 17, June 2019

ML/AI News covering Congress Freaking Out About Deepfakes, the Top 7 Machine Learning Github Repositories and Reddit discussions for Data Scientists, Towards Data Science's Weekly Selection , All the Talks from CogX and Alt Data Investments Continue Their Rapid Rise

AI & Machine Learning News. 10, June 2019

ML/AI News covering... Editing videos by editing text, Using the new Google ‘What-If Tool’ to investigate ML models, US Senate Produces Bipartisan National AI Strategy Proposal, ML Sentiment Analysis And Word Embeddings, Alternative Data Quantifies How Trump Drives Markets and the Major Acquisitions of the week.

AI & Machine Learning News. 03, June 2019

Machine learning AI News covering Samsung's amazing single image Deepfakes videos, Best Practices for web scraping, Google's anonomized phone data helps Portland plan for the future, Nvidia accelerates AI again, AI voice to Face tech and AI that can upscale old images to modern high resolution pictures.
stock exchange evolution panel

AI & Machine Learning News. 28, May 2019

Machine learning AI News covering topics including Microsoft AI boot camp for teen girls, Intel’s present and future AI chip business built on 10-nm but AMD launch 7nm chips and Man Takes Police to Court for Scanning His Face Without Consent.

AI & Machine Learning News. 20, May 2019

Machine learning AI News covering topics such as "Investing Arms Race Hottest Weapon : Robots That Learn", "Who to Sue When a Robot Loses Your Fortune", "S.F. Passes Facial-Recognition Ban","Snapchat's AI Gender Changer filter", "Google's amazing Translatotron" and "The Fake AI Joe Rogan"

AI & Machine Learning News. 13, May 2019

Google Lens can now Scan, Translate and read aloud real world text in your own language CloudQuant Thoughts... Google's I/O 2019 developer conference in San Francisco last week demo'ed the new built in abilities…

AI & Machine Learning News. 06, May 2019

Machine learning AI News covering topics such Japanese research which can generate entire body images of people who don’t exist, Phunware's partnership with - trading an AI IPO, Using Google's What-If Tool to investigate Machine Learning models, Amazon's AI guesses what you mean from vague commands and Nvidia's reflections on AnacondaCON 2019.