Machine Learning News & Topics for Quantitative Trading and Algorithmic Development

Machine Learning (ML) is the evolution of artificial intelligence where the computer (program) works with data to discover patterns (also called features) that can be used later to evaluate other data.  ML is typically broken down into three categories: supervised ML, unsupervised ML, and reinforcement learning.

CloudQuant does enable Machine Learning. To learn more check out “An Intro to Machine Learning with CloudQuant and Jupyter Notebooks” by Trevor Trinkino. This post and video cover one quantitative trader’s approach to supervised ML.


Happy Data-Driven Holidays

A Data-Driven Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas at the North Pole finishing all the project was the Head Quant’s Goal. Santa was wanting the newest naughty and nice list. Presents are needed for all good engineers and analysts. In California, they want a fire restoration tree and plant seeding robot. In Michigan, they want distribution channels for their new legal pot.

AI & Machine Learning News. 17, December 2018

Data Scientists and Quants entering the world of algorithmic trading are finding alpha in Alternative Data. China is in the lead for AI and Machine Learning. ML is being mentioned in Earnings Reports and Calls. Overfitting in the news. Is data science really sexy? What is artificial stupidity?
Trend Analysis in a Candlestick Market Data Chart

AI & Machine Learning News. 10, December 2018

The Business of Selling your Location, Apple Terms of Service Change, 6 favorite case studies, Python Data Visualization, AI game teaches people sign language, Anheuser-Busch AI, 8 takeaways from NIPS 2018, DeepMind Folds Protiens, AI ethics researchers call for facial recognition regulation

AI & Machine Learning News. 03, December 2018

machine Learning and AI news covering Nvidia's Use of Artificial Intelligence to Render Virtual Worlds in Real Time, Advances in Financial Machine Learning Slideshow, Seven EU countries filing GDPR complaints against Google, The dawn of self-driving companies, AI's Cybersecurity Threat, and Alibaba’s speech recognition algorithm can isolate voices in noisy crowds.

AI & Machine Learning News. 26, November 2018

Machine learning AI News covering including Elon Musk says he’ll turn you into a cyborg in the next decade, A Closer Look at Voice-Assisted Speakers in Python and Pentagram designed the prettiest AI computer chip you’ve ever seen.

AI & Machine Learning News. 19, November 2018

Machine Learning AI News covering the topics : Silicon Valley is in love with its Doomsayer, Andrew Ng's new course for Everyone, Upside of ESG, AI needs to be easier... but how? Hive taps 700k people to train AI, How AI will change the 3D animation industry and Machine learning's big role in Population level Genetic Study.

AI & Machine Learning News. 12, November 2018

Chinese AI News Anchors, for real!. Google AI Hub Launch, Automation to Murder 10 pct of jobs next year, NVidia, a big move on earnings? AI the greatest engine of jobs ever seen? Naysayers and AI Cars - how to speak up without being cursed? Teach children things that machines cannot learn (yet) - creativity.

AI & Machine Learning News. 05, November 2018

Machine learning AI News covering the following : Google Wants You to Use A.I. to Save the World – here’s how! AI’s bias problem – what about AI's Bland problem? AI to 'reshape rather than replace' finance workforce – no checks in Europe anymore, but banks expand workforce. 5 Bite-Sized Data Science Summaries by Cassie Kozyrkov. Jim Cramer: Mixed Data and the Cloud is Red Hot. Best Machine Learning GitHub Repositories & Reddit Discussions. AI lie detectors to be tested by the EU at border points. No doubt about it: The new iPad Pro is a computer – what does this mean for the future?

AI & Machine Learning News. 29, October 2018

Machine learning AI News covering topics of IBM Red Hat acquisition, Top 20 Lawyers beater by Legal AI, Managements two AI requirements, AI making faces, BofA lowers NVidea 12 month target attributing the change to AMDs PnL, Alternative Data - Tesla delivery Numbers, AI Art under the hammer and Microsoft's chatbot is back.

AI & Machine Learning News. 22, October 2018

Machine learning AI News covering many topics : The passing of Paul Allen - huge supporter of AI dies aged 65. Steve Balmer - LA Clippers roll out Courtvision - AI boosted stat overlays. FAANG report - can you write a model based off FAANG? US Driverless cars fail to recognize UK's uniquely local vehicles. Crowndstrike IPO - can you write an IPO model?