Machine Learning News & Topics for Quantitative Trading and Algorithmic Development

Machine Learning (ML) is the evolution of artificial intelligence where the computer (program) works with data to discover patterns (also called features) that can be used later to evaluate other data.  ML is typically broken down into three categories: supervised ML, unsupervised ML, and reinforcement learning.

CloudQuant does enable Machine Learning. To learn more check out “An Intro to Machine Learning with CloudQuant and Jupyter Notebooks” by Trevor Trinkino. This post and video cover one quantitative trader’s approach to supervised ML.


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AI & Machine Learning News. 16, July 2018

Researchers use AI and accelerometer data to predict heart rate while saving battery life, cutting it to 10%!, Alexa alternatives have a secret weapon: Privacy, How Can we Ensure that Big Data Does not Make us Prisoners of Technology?, Facial recognition technology: The need for public regulation and corporate responsibility, Algorithms are taking over – and woe betide anyone they class as a 'deadbeat' - seems to be a week of Woes in the land of AI and ML. Amazon AI predicts users’ musical tastes based on playback duration - this I like! Japan's Paidy raises $55m for credit card-free online shopping service - cool but can we do even better? Goldman Sachs Targets 25% Upside for Twitter Stock - can you write a model? But don't use Goldman's predictions, use one of our Sentiment data sets. How Goldman Sachs Lost the World Cup.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 09, July 2018

Lane discipline when teaching cars to drive (Udacity), HSBC predicts top future banking jobs, Apple's Carlos Guestrin cautions data scientists on the risks of inherent bias within big data, Can AI help with health care, China's camera give us a view of a potential dystopian future, Can you write an IoT trading model using CloudQuant, When AI is not AI, Google's amazing DeepMind becomes a better than human player at an astonishing rate.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 02, July 2018

Machine learning AI News covering the following... An excellent Reddit post on AI Playing Card Detection, The staggering news that OpenAI Five beat human opponents at DOTA2, The ongoing issue of University Lecturers moving into the Industry, TORA's Trading System of the Year award thanks to it's AI based execution improvement systems and Why it is important to first understand exactly what your primary metric is before you have your AI drive you towards it!
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AI & Machine Learning News. 25, June 2018

Microsoft AI driven Bing Visual Search, How AI helps you shop online, AI in Financial Risk Management, MatplotLib leads data visualization tools, Analysing Sound using ML, Microsoft acquires Bonsai.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 18, June 2018

InvestCloud's tech beachhead in EU, Supervised Learning ML in Trade surveillance with @Trading_Tech, Improving the quality of robo-advising with Natural Language Processing, World Cup ML prediction, Improving business process, NLP with gaming conversations, & Random Search vs Grid Search. and more.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 11, June 2018

Apple losing to Google, Watson Jnr the smartest computer in the world (for now), London AI capital of Europe? (is it still in Europe!?), Micron benefits from AI surge, Is the future of AI tiny?, ML for apartment hunters and Murderous AI (you heard me!)!
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AI & Machine Learning News. 04, June 2018

The big guys dominate the news this week.. AI Bias is on everyone's (artificial) mind. Google's Maven exit reported EVERYWHERE! Don't write Apple off. Don't write IBM off. And NVDIAs HGX-2 is truely High Performance Computing (HPC) but will it run Doom?
Trevor Trinkino Quantitative Trader

Machine Learning FXCM Webinar with Trevor Trinkino of CloudQuant - Part 3/3

Trevor Trinkino presents the final part of his three-part Machine Learning webinar in co-operation with FXCM
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AI & Machine Learning News. 28, May 2018

AI luggage, AI School Paper Grading, Importance of good data, Hybrid Data Management, Transcribe and Translate, 4 ML skills you won't learn in school, The one essential skill that will set you apart and a Beginner's Guide to Jupyter Notebooks.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 21, May 2018

Machine Learning AI - Kissinger on AI, ML tools for non-programmers, Google's NLP Email composer, AI dreams and the Compute Power Consumption of AI/ML