Quantitative Trading

Quantitative trading utilizes trading strategies based on quantitative analysis to systematically identify trading opportunities and to execute trades as identified. A Quant trader may work for the buy side or sell side of the trading industry. Buy side quants are looking to trade for investment purposes. These trades typically seek to make a profit from either short-term price movements (alpha) or from longer-term investment returns (beta.) Sell side quants provide quantitative trading in their brokerage activities. The sell side algos are typically accumulation type strategies (i.e. volume weighted average pricing – VWAP) that help investors get the best price for their overall order.

Quantitative trading techniques include high-frequency trading, sentiment analysis trading, and statistical arbitrage.

Quantitative trading is not synonymous with High-Frequency Trading (HFT) even though all HFT firms employ some form of algorithmic trading.

CloudQuant utilizes crowd researchers to provide the quantitative analysis that is then used by our quantitive traders.


Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Short Term Trading

Short-term ESG data is showing some very interesting opportunities. Our recent whitepaper shows that 5-day and 20-day positions profitable. Spot checking the white paper shows the following simulated trades from last week. The simulated trades were MOO on Monday, MOC on Friday.
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Quantitative Trading & Algos in the news. 23, January 2019

News clips provided algorithmically. New EU rules electrify fixed income trading volumes: survey LONDON (Reuters) - Volumes of electronic trading in fixed income have jumped since European Union rules introduced a year ago made it…
Algo Trading powered by Alternative Data Sets

Conversations: Effects of Alternative Data Sets on Trading Algorithms

What effect can alternative data sets have on trading algorithms? We asked a few of our teammates and systematic traders what the effect of alternative data sets is on trading algos. We thought we could spread some insight as to why our alternative…

Quantitative Trading & Algos in the news. 11, July 2018

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) technical analysis in python with sample code. 3 Gold Charts indicating market moves Citigroup Reports Earnings Below a 'Death Cross' Brandywine wins with short-term momentum and long-term directional arbitrage strategies
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Quantitative Trading & Algos in the news. 22, June 2018

Oaktree Capital Group LLC Co-Chairman Howard Marks calls Quantitative Investing a fringe activity. CloudQuant disagrees. Technical Traders Are Starting to Bet Against Agriculture. Goldman Sachs Is Considering Crypto Trades Beyond Futures

Quantitative Trading & Algos in the news. 24, May 2018

Quantitative Trading and Algo news from the CloudQuant news crawler covering topics including: $20M USD allocation to crowd researcher, Trajectory of the U.S. business cycle, Equity market innovation, Ninja trader, financial sector uptrends, Fixed income market innovation, and more
$20M Allocation to Crowd Developed Trading Algorithm

CloudQuant Allocates Risk Capital to Crowd-Resourced Trading Algorithm

CloudQuant, one of 50’s Most Promising FinTech Solution Providers of the year, has allocated risk capital to a crowd resourced trading strategy. The strategy’s creator, an Australian based crowd researcher, leveraged CloudQuant’s market simulation and python based back-testing tools, to prove the algorithm’s performance and profitably within approved risk parameters.
Trevor Trinkino Quantitative Trader

Machine Learning FXCM Webinar with Trevor Trinkino of CloudQuant - Part 2/3

On May 15th Trevor Trinkino presented part two of a three-part Machine Learning webinar with FXCM. Part one is here. Part 2  - Preprocess data for Random Forest. PnL and prediciton improvements... In part two Trevor goes over…
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AI & Machine Learning News. 22, April 2018

Predicting the sale date of cars, Robots building flatpack furniture, Westworld required viewing, AI's value in healthcare, NLP example, and the Tech Giants provide courses to find and train the next generation of AI/ML experts.
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Quantitative Trading & Algos News. 20, April 2018

News clippings covering Quantitive Trading, Trade Strategy, and Quant Finance. Algo developers and traders in the crowdsourced community can see terms or phrases which drew the attention of our portfolio managers and product team.   Strategy…