SciKit-Learn – Machine Learning for Python

SciKit Learn (Science Kit Machine Learning) provides machine learning in Python. It is one of the most simple and efficient python tools for data mining and data analysis. Financial mathematics is made easier with this quantitative machine learning python library.



JupyterLab and Notebook News. 17, April 2018

CloudQuant has been using the beta version of JupyterLab for our internal portfolio managers in their research for Alpha Signals. This platform is very useful in for the data science portion of algorithm development. News related to JupyterLab and common data science toolkits used in Jupyter will appear in this periodic post from now on.
Newsweek AI Data Science for Capital Markets

Newsweek Event: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (December 5th to 7th, 2017)

CloudQuant will be participating in the Newsweek conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for the Capital Markets Industry on December 5th to December 7th, 2017 in New York.
Algo developer getting paid

Intro to Machine Learning with CloudQuant and Jupyter Notebooks

Trevor Trinkino, a quantitative analysts and trader at Kershner Trading Group recently put together an introduction to Machine Learning utilizing CloudQuant and Jupyter Notebooks. In this video he walks you through a high-level process for implementing machine learning into a trading algorithm, ...
Quantitative Strategies and Capital for Trading

Quantitative Trading and Data Science in the News August 7 2017

Citadel fund up 7%, Hedge funds betting against Tesla (and losing), Data Analytic trends, ...